May 17, 2021 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
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Student and Family Supports

Dear RSU 23 Families,

During these challenging times for all of our students, parents, and families, our Old Orchard Beach Student Service Staff would like to offer several helpful resources as we transition to remote learning and increased time for all families at home. This extra time of family togetherness can lead to a greater sense of family bonding, yet can potentially generate added stress for children and parents alike.

Our school buildings may not be available to us at this time, but our dedicated support staff remain available and will continue to offer whatever assistance that we can. On this page you will find a number of informative resources that will hopefully offer you some additional family and parenting support as we all make adjustments to our current learning environment. We Can Do This. Together.

Additionally, please feel free to reach out to any RSU 23 Support Services Staff listed below.

Jameson Elementary School

Loranger Memorial School OOB High School RSU 23 District Nurses
Tracy McLaughlin, School Counselor

Kat LaCasse, School Social Worker


Judy Milligan, School Counselor

Matt Michaud, School Social Worker


Paul Santamore, School Counselor

Beth Roe, School Counselor

Cathy Reed, School Social Worker

Sarah Burnham, RN, School Nurse

Katie Gagnon, RN, School Nurse